Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Top 16 Reasons to Oppose Disengagement

  1. The land is ours from Biblical times.
  2. We captured it in a defensive war.
  3. Disengagement will not improve security.
  4. Disengagement will increase the appetite of the Palestinians for more land.
  5. It will show them that terror pays.
  6. Jews should never have to be kicked out of their homes because they are Jews.
  7. The sight of our enemies taking over Jewish homes is hard to bear.
  8. The possibility of Jews fighting against other Jews is hard to bear.
  9. The Palestinians are not really disengaging - they are still planning to work in Israel.
  10. The industry of Gush Katif will be lost (including hydroponic produce).
  11. The government fooled the people who moved there. They were encouraged by the Prime Minister to move there. Now he wants them to leave??
  12. Jewish graves will have to be moved.
  13. Disengagement is dividing the country. Do we need another reason to discourage Ahdut?
  14. Relocating 9000 people would be logistics nightmare.
  15. Providing security during the disengagement will be extremely difficult.
  16. Would you kick these kids (among 4000 children) out of their homes?

Any more that I missed? Feel free to add them in the comments.


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