Monday, May 09, 2005

V-E day - Perfect day for Mashiah says that V-E day would be a very symbolic if davka today something would happen against the Nazis and Amalekites of our day.

Other interesting tidbits found in

  • Both the Washington Post and ABC News say the Yellowstone caldera is rated high for a volcanic eruption.

  • Explaining the verse: אִם-יִתְמַהְמָהּ, חַכֵּה-לוֹ--כִּי-בֹא יָבֹא, לֹא יְאַחֵר, he asks: how can the Mashiah tarry, but yet, he will not tarry? He explains that when a person waits for another to arrive, and the other person doesn't come, he has 2 choices: either he'll give up on that person from ever coming or he'll say, "I'll wait just a few more minutes." Those who follow the latter philosophy still believe that the person is coming, but just got held up. That's what believers in Mashiah do as well - we believe Mashiah is coming - he just got held up - we'll give him some extra time.

  • A poster for 600,000 people to gather at the gates of Jerusalem to help bring the redemption:

Also: (in a comment entitled ברחובות הצדיקים הניסתרים.....) has more information on another Sandlar that the Hazon Ish considered to be one of the 36 hidden righteous men of the generation. (Although took down the Message from Mashiah from the Sandlar, it is still interesting)


At Mon May 09, 02:23:00 PM 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is V-E Day?

At Mon May 09, 04:25:00 PM 2005, Blogger yaak said...

Victory in Europe day - this year, it's the 60th anniversary of when the allied troops claimed victory against the Nazis, YM"Sh.


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