Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Lazer Beams: Time to Strengthen Emuna

R' Lazer Brody:

Elections, solar eclipse, the new moon of Nissan - the heavenly fragrance of redemption (Geula) is as strong in the air here as the scent of the citrus blossoms in full bloom. Even little children in cheder and young girls in the Beis Yacov - those who never see a newspaper or a computer - are coming home with animated stories that they heard from other children about the dreams of tzaddikim and the prophecies of newborn babies.

On the other hand, the tests of faith are tough. Tens of thousands of Israel's finest citizens are now threatened with a proposed exile that will make Gush Katif look like Disneyworld. As of yesterday, primitive Qassam rockets have given way to deadly Russian-Iranian Katyushas smuggled into Gaza from Egypt, that can now threaten all of Ashkelon. Many people here don't have enough to eat. Everyday almost, there's word about new troubles over here.

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