Sunday, April 02, 2006

Correction to Rav Kanievski Story

Re: Rav Kanievski buying a new suit to greet Mashiah, Rafi G. writes:
There was a story that happened last week that caused all the ruckus. A young girl who had recently died reportedly came to her father in a dream saying that on Thursday, the day after a solar eclipse, Mashiach would come. The father went to Rav Kanievsky to relate the story and Rav Kanievsky supposedly told his family (after) to purchase a new suit for Thursday (presumably with which to greet Mashiach). This created the ruckus.

The story was later denied by the family of Rav Kanievsky and explained as a misunderstanding. Rav Kanievsky was asked by an avreich about purchasing a new suit for a wedding, and he answered with a smile and a joke that maybe Mashiach will come and he will also be able to use the suit for that.

That is the source for the balagan, as reported by Mishpacha magazine (Hebrew edition).

Another version of how this rumor got started is mentioned by poster devorah here:
That story about the baby has already been exposed as a total exaggeration. What actually happened was that a newborn baby died, and the rabbi said to the parents "in the merit of your suffering, Moshiach should come".

I regret the error.


At Mon Apr 03, 08:56:00 AM 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No apology needed. I kind of thought it was something like that, but meantime it made for a nice beginning to Nissan...very hopeful. It helps to make the possibilities real to us somehow. Say, could you maybe translate some of the recent reports over at Hashem1? Looks like some good stuff there.


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