Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Im Lo Beriti Yomam Valayla

The Pasuk says:

ואמר לך בדמייך חיי ואמר לך בדמייך חיי

I've heard that this refers to the blood of Milah and the blood of Pesah, which even the most unaffiliated Jews tend to keep. These 2 Mitzvot are what keep us "alive" as Jews.

Unfortunately, the Tribune reports, that anti-circumcision-trends are starting to grow. Even though the numbers are still small, we need to stem this tide before catastrophe breaks.

What catastrophe am I referring to? The Midrash says that from the verse אם לא בריתי יומם ולילה חקות שמים וארץ לא שמתי, we know that the Mitzvah of Berit Milah is what keeps the world going. (Another interpretation says that it refers to the Torah itself.)

As the article alludes to, the word "ברית" has a gematria of 612, to teach you that it is equivalent to the other 612 mitzvot.

On this Shavu'ot, let's actually accept the Torah upon us, and not give in to our own whims of what's "moral". There is no morality outside of the Torah.

Hag Same'ah!


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