Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rav Chaim Kanievsky: We're Really at the End

A בחדרי חרדים report, translated by Rafi:
One of the visitors of Rav Kanievsky on Wednesday was a person who heads a large chessed organization.

The fellow was listing many of the tragic cases he has had to deal with recently, and asked for brachos for the sick people...

During the conversation, the fellow asked Rav Kanievsky why there are so much tzurres nowadays. He says for many years he has been involved in this chessed organization, and he doesn't remember a period of time ever that was so full of tzurres.

Also in the story is that the questioner told over that Rav Shteinman Shlit"a said once while visiting an Aveil that "there used to be a town orphan, but now, there are many orphans in each classroom. It's a terrifying situation."

Rav Kanievsky said that it is known that in the generation of Mashiach Hashem will clean out the generation of its sins, and leave us "clean" in order to greet mashiach. How does he clean us out? Via tzurres. And that is the reason.

Somebody present asked "Rebbe, but until when?"

Rav Kanievsky closed his eyes and said, "Believe me, we are near the end. Really near the end."

The Hebrew is: "תאמינו לי אנחנו כבר בסוף. ממש ממש בסוף".


At Thu Jul 15, 03:17:00 AM 2010, Blogger Devorah said...

ממש ממש בסוף
Amen and please G-d let it be true.

At Thu Jul 15, 10:50:00 AM 2010, Anonymous wazir said...

so the war will start propley by 20 av like rav berland said
looks like gog magog be here before the end av

At Thu Jul 15, 11:32:00 AM 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"תאמינו לי אנחנו כבר בסוף. ממש ממש בסוף". Amazing!

The translation that I understand from what the Rav said is: "Believe me, we are already at the End. Really, really at the End." Not "near", but there already, as is stated in the headline of the article.

This fits with what the tsaddik Rabbi Dov Kook, shlita, of Tiveria said about this Shabbat Parshat Chazon being our last peaceful Shabbat (as reported by R' Lazer Brody on "Lazer Beams").

Hang on tight to HaShem; we're in for a rough ride.

At Thu Jul 15, 05:20:00 PM 2010, Anonymous Berebi said...

I've been looking forward to the Geula for so long now.
Maybe we won't be fasting this Tisha BeAv after all.
It's time for the Moshiach to reveal himself.
The Vilna Gaon predicted that the Third Temple would be constructed after the third construction of the Hurva synagogue in Jerusalem. This third construction of the Hurva synagogue was completed on March 15, 2010.
So the Moshiach will probably reveal himself anytime now.

At Thu Jul 15, 05:43:00 PM 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am afraid there was plenty more suffering during WW2 than in our days. Did someone ask this question?

That said, we all hope for Moshiach today, but if he is delayed, we will wait and keep doing what we have to do.

At Thu Jul 15, 06:02:00 PM 2010, Blogger yaak said...

Some asked that question on Rafi's blog. There was a back-and-forth about it.

I would say that אין הכי נמי - that suffering brought about the State of Israel, which was a Ge'ula Ketana, in which even the anti-Zionist Brisker Rov said that Hashem gave "a smile".

The suffering nowadays - even if less severe - can only further the Ge'ula process, hopefully to its fulfillment.

If you don't like that, here's another answer:

It says in סנהדרין צח:

אמר רבי יוחנן אם ראית דור שצרות רבות באות עליו כנהר חכה לו שנאמר כי יבא כנהר צר רוח ה' נוססה בו וסמיך ליה ובא לציון גואל

I wonder if you can even say like this - it must be like נהר - a river - not like a ים - a sea. The Holocaust produced troubles like a sea. This is more like a river. Just a thought.

At Fri Jul 16, 02:38:00 AM 2010, Blogger משה רפאל said...

The Israeli Charedi world has more troubles, largely self-inflicted, than in recent decades. I assume that this is what the Rav refers to. If the Rav thinks that Moshiach will come to fix this, I think he could not be more mistaken.

At Fri Jul 16, 06:34:00 AM 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

TY to Yeranen Yaakov and Moshe Raphael for your insights.

At Fri Jul 16, 09:03:00 AM 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

theyre suffering because haredi frum from birth in large part completely ignore kabbalah and instead depend on a rebbe who might not even be a rebbe !


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