Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Slonimer Rebbe: Ultimate Struggle Between Good and Evil Has Begun

The Slonimer Rebbe has declared the Israeli Supreme Court's decision against the parents of Emanuel and the parents' refusal to budge as the ultimate struggle between good and evil.

He said, in part:
...אך מאחר שאין לי כל שמץ של ספק שהם יודעים את האמת, שכל דבריהם בשקר יסודם. אם כן, אין זה אלא מאבק בין אמונה לכפירה, בין כח הקדושה לכח הטומאה של הסטרא אחרא, - מאבק שתמיד ידענו שיפרוץ באחרית הימים.


ולכל אמוני ישראל אני קורא:

אנא הצטרפו אלינו במאבק הנשגב הזה, המאבק שדורות חיכו וייחלו אליו "מתי יבוא לידי ואקיימנה".

...However, since I don't have a tinge of doubt that they [don't] know the truth since all their words are founded in falsehood. Therefore, this is only a struggle between Emuna [belief] and Kefira [disbelief], between the power of holiness and the power of impurity of the Sitra Ahora [the Other Side], - a struggle that we always knew would break out in the End of Days.


To all believers of Israel, I call out:

Please join us in this holy struggle, the struggle that the generations waited and hoped for [saying], "When will [the opportunity] come to me so I can fulfil it?"


At Wed Jun 23, 03:50:00 PM 2010, Anonymous Yitzik said...

Instead of inflaming the situation, the Slonimer Rebbe should preach Shalom between Jews. Nothing good will ever come out of this if Jews fight against Jews. The Lubavitcher Rebbe said that Jews are like single cells together forming an entire body, so there is no use in fighting each other. That will only lead to disaster for all. Isn't it enough that there has already been one miscarriage? On the contrary, the Chassidim should fight their own Yetzer Hara and they should take the noble step of allowing all Jews (including Sephardim) into their classes. Now is their chance to be an example for millions of Jews worldwide. They should integrate, not segregate. That would be the ultimate Ahavat Israel and Kiddush Ha-shem.

At Wed Jun 23, 05:38:00 PM 2010, Anonymous Sfaradi said...

For those who read Hebrew, a funny way to describe the illogical quotes to justify an illogical situation. The post is from a national-religious forum. Basically it deals with what is to be considered Kidush Ha-Shem.

At Wed Jun 23, 06:00:00 PM 2010, Blogger yaak said...

Sfaradi, very cute - thanks. I wish I had time to translate it.

At Wed Jun 23, 07:55:00 PM 2010, Anonymous Sfaradi said...

From google translation, with corrections:

(it's too long to fit in a comment)

At Thu Jun 24, 06:43:00 AM 2010, Anonymous Shiloh said...

Yaak, did you see the verdict on the Rubashkin case. 27 years. And Jews feel it's safe in America. Time to rethink that.

At Sun Jun 27, 07:25:00 PM 2010, Blogger Devorah said...

I don't think anyone is safe in America ... Jewish or not.


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