Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rav Benayahu Shmueli on Purim

OK, I'm a bit late on this, but some really good Divrei Torah on Purim can be found here, where Rav Shmueli talks about Amalek and Purim with a mix of Halacha, Aggada, and Kabbala.

One thing (out of many) I was unaware of is found on page 24 of the pdf file, where he says that it's good to give 287 Perutot to 2 Aniyim each for Matanot La'evyonim and to give 80 small items of one kind and 80 small items of another kind for Mishlo'ah Manot. 

(I'm thinking peanuts and raisins might be the only thing that might work, but if I would ask my wife to start counting out 80 of each even for just one container, she might have my head.)

Anyways, Kikar has pictures of Rav Shmueli celebrating Purim this year.


At Tue Feb 26, 11:38:00 PM 2013, Blogger joshwaxman said...

great purim torah!

At Wed Feb 27, 03:37:00 AM 2013, Blogger yaak said...

When you reach his level, you can make such a comment. Not until then. Shame.


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