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Friday, February 22, 2013

Rav Ovadia: Torah Defeats Amalek

Kikar (with video) summarizes what Rav Ovadia Shlit"a said:

לצערינו בדורינו יש לנו כמה עמלקים, האיראנים מצד אחד, החיזבאללה, הפלסטינים, צוררי ישראל, מתנכלים לנו, חושבים עלינו רעה, צריכים להתחזק בתורה, אין לך חיזוק התורה יותר טוב מזה, ואז בעז"ה וגבר ישראל.

"ואם חס ושלום מסיחים דעתם מן התורה יכולים חס ושלום להתגבר האויב. האויבים והשונאים יש גם בפנים, בתוך ישראל, יש אנשים שאין להם דעת, אין להם אמונה בתורה, לא מאמינים, ורוצים לגייס את בחורי הישיבות, אלה שלומדים ותורתם אומנותם, יום ולילה חומדים תורה, ומתנכלים להם, רוצים לעשות מכסות, כך וכך אחוז, אדם אוהב ללמוד תורה - אתה תמנע ממנו ללמוד תורה?".
Unfortunately, in our generation, we have many Amalekites: the Iranians on one side, the Hizballah, the Palestinians, who oppress Israel, plotting against us, thinking how to harm us. We need to strengthen ourselves in Torah - there is no greater way to strenghten ourselves, and then, with Hashem's help, Israel will prevail.

But if, Heaven forbid, we take our minds off of Torah, then, Heaven forbid, the enemy can prevail. Our enemies and foes are also on the inside, within Israel. There are people that have no knowledge, they have no faith in the Torah - they do not believe - and they want to draft Yeshiva boys, those who learn and their Torah is their livelihood - they learn Torah day and night - and [these fifth-column-type people] plot against them - they want to make quotas - such and such percent. If a man loves to learn Torah, you will prevent him from learning Torah?


At Sun Feb 24, 08:59:00 PM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem is that people say that they are learning in yeshiva and do not. There should be a system that those who are supposed to be learning Torah are in fact learning Torah or else people do not believe those who are.

At Tue Feb 26, 07:31:00 AM 2013, Blogger Daniela said...

Perhaps Israelis should instead take care and make sure people who are supposed to be serving in the army, and are handsomely paid, plus trained at a very high expense to the taxpayer, are fit for the job?

Anonymous how would you like it if I wrote: "There should be a system that those who are supposed to be risking their life to protect Torah-learners are in fact risking their life to protect Torah learners or else people do not believe whose who are" ??!! Not that pleasant a statement, is it? Now please reread your post.


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