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Interesting Recent Links - Mishpatim 5774 III

אמר רבי יוחנן אם ראית דור שצרות באות עליו כנהר חכה לו


The Word of a Parrot (incredible story - p.2)


At Wed Jan 22, 05:49:00 PM 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

21 Shevat 5774

"Tragedies": It Has Begun...

On 13 Shevat, one week ago, Moishe'la said: "…More and more tragedies, huge enormous tragedies, are on the way until you wake up."

On 19 Shevat, around 1 am, a gas explosion at an apartment building in Gilo killed a couple and their 2 year old child, injured tens of others and rendered the entire building uninhabitable.

“This is a real tragedy,” said Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, who was at the scene in the early hours of the morning.

On 21 Shevat, "…Jerusalem has been hit by another tragedy." A family with four children have been poisoned by pesticide in Givat Mordechai. Another 2 year old child is dead. The rest of the family has been hospitalized, some in very critical condition.

Hashem Yerachem!!

Moishe'la: "…We're going to be shocked and we're going to be afraid and it's not going to be easy."

Global Jihad Cell Nabbed in Jerusalem

One of the terrorists involved was to carry out a suicide attack on a bus traveling from Jerusalem to Maaleh Adumim.

The plan was to fire at the bus's tires first, in order to cause it to overturn. Then the terrorist was to murder the bus's occupants at close range and await rescue forces, whom he would also fire at.

Another terrorist was to assist in carrying out a double suicide bombing at Jerusalem's Binyanei Hauma Convention Center, as well as a bombing at the US Embassy in Tel Aviv.

These attacks were to be carried out by foreign terrorists who would arrive in Israel with forged Russian documents, disguised as tourists.

…The terrorist studied the roads leading to Binyanei Hauma and the US Embassy, and is well acquainted with the bus lines between Jerusalem and Maaleh Adumim.

So tell me Am Yisroel, Are you ready to wake up yet??!! if c"v not, What more is it going to take to wake us up ????????

At Fri Jan 24, 08:46:00 AM 2014, Blogger joshwaxman said...

So a link to the Tomer Devorah post was not enough, and an anonymous poster had to repost the entire text in the comment section?


I disagree with the using of these tragedies to bolster the sinas chinam of the purported messages of the autistics. You can read the original here:

E.g. this, saying the tragedies are going to come because legitimately people hold like Rav Moshe Feinstein, that sheitels are muttar and that the shok that is erva is the thigh, not the shin: "Ladies, you had better shed all those not Tzniusdik clothes, and exchange them for Tzniusdik clothes. You better get rid of your Sheitels and of your make up and of your see-through stockings and your fancy shoes that make a lot of noise in the street and of all the things that Hashem despises."


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