Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Best Exhibits at the Brand New Arafat Museum

The brand new Arafat Museum features some of the most mind-blowing exhibits in the world today.  I took my family there and the kids had a blast.  Everything you could ask for - and more.

We started out at the "Father of Modern Terrorism" exhibit and were immediately impressed by how one man inspired an entire generation - and beyond - to fight for their rights to kill, maim, and torture the innocent.  The pictures of the military-clad leader speaking at the UN give me chills up my spine and the images of Yasser during Black September are truly extraordinary.  I was especially awe-struck by the pictures of all the victims of his freedom-fighter-inspired rage.  That truly puts him in another league.

We continued on to the "Liar and Manipulator" exhibit, where there was a giant poster of the (in)famous Oslo Accords picture, where he shook hands with Yitzhak Rabin and President Clinton.  (Regarding President Clinton, how happy I am that his wife will now continue his legacy of forcing peace based on lies!)  The audiovisual presentation that has 2 Arafat speeches side-by-side - where he speaks niceties in English and incites violence in Arabic - is quite moving.  Another section where he speaks to the press from his Muqata home is a glaring example of how he is the master manipulator of the previous generation, from whom many Arabic leaders have learned.

We then moved on to the self-explanatory "Building a New Nation from Scratch and Calling the Land's Indigenous People 'Occupiers'" exhibit.  This exhibit shows the world how to achieve just that and dupe the world into believing you.  It's a complicated process that Arafat pulled off brilliantly, but it's too long to describe here.  Let's just say that it involves the UN and a heavy dose of Antisemitism.

The gift shop was great too!  We bought the KKK package: 5 black-and-white kefiyas, a couple Kalashnikovs, and I decided to splurge and get a never-used Katyusha for a family Hanukka gift.

All-in-all, a bang-up time was had by all.  May his name and memory be wiped away forever.


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