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Tuesday, May 31, 2005 browsing

Browsing, I found some interesting Mashiah updates:
  • According to the Ibn Ezra's interpretation of a verse in Daniel, something big could happen by the 26th of Iyyar this year. (Read more in Hebrew)
  • A certain Kabbalist in Israel, one who actually predicted the Indian Ocean Tsunami (by saying a day before it happened that something very grave will happen either in India or California), is changing his stance on when he thinks Mashiah will come. He originally said that he thought Mashiah would come 4 years from now, but now says that he'll come in the coming year. He apparantly changed his mind after attending a Hillula of R' Shimon Bar Yohai on Lag Ba'Omer. (Read more in Hebrew)


At Thu Jun 02, 04:57:00 PM 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can we get the English translation?

At Thu Jun 02, 07:17:00 PM 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you translate this into English?


At Thu Jun 02, 10:29:00 PM 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Translation of LevDavid post
Posted by ãðéàì on

Today I heard that over Shabbos there was a regular lecture in a certain shul in central Israel by a known Kabbalist Rav (though not known nationwide).... The lecture was given to a limited audience, and the things that were said were only for this limited audience. Because of this, I can't write here all the details. But before this, I only will say that this Rav is the *only one* (as far as I know) who foresaw the tsunami exactly in time. In front of the same audience, one day before the tsunami, the Rav said that very soon something very hard will happen in India or in California! One day later we already saw the tsunami in the news....

So now I will write this that you should know that until recently this Rav spoke about the geulah and about Moshiach in a distant timeframe. Once he mentioned the year: 5769 (another 4 years from now). But it would seem that something changed his mind after the Hilula of the Rashbi (L'ag B'Omer), and in the last lecture he said that Moshiach should come within the coming year, and he based this on a hint in the verses referring to the Exodus from Egypt--from those verses we see that Moshiach comes 234 years before the year 6000 (because...the Messianic Era is before the 7000th year, and we are guaranteed by the tzaddikim that it is at least 200 years prior). Thus, as is known, when the year 5765 began we were 235 years away from the year 6000, and now we are approximately 234.4 years from the year 6000, which indicates that we apparently are very close. He didn't speak about a specific season, but on the year that it will happen, which suggests that it will be either 5765 or 5766; in any event, not more than a year.

From what I heard, the people in the shul received this with shock/excitement.

At Fri Jun 03, 09:30:00 AM 2005, Blogger yaak said...

Thanks, Translator. You beat me to it, and done more eloquently than I could have.


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