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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The "Milkman" Tries Again

I posted yesterday about 600,000 Jews demonstrating at the gates of Jerusalem to help bring redemption. According to, which has the poster about it, it is supposed to be a demonstration of Ahdut - unity. It now has a form one can fill out for people who wish to help participate in this monumental event.

Mentioned in the poster are 2 quotes:
  1. The first is from the Vilna Gaon, who says in Kol HaTor (chapter 6) that if 600,000 Jews will gather at the gates of Jerusalem, they will have the power to bring the redemption.
  2. The second is from a Kabbalist known as the "Milkman", whose real name is Rav Hayim Ezra HaCohen Perahia. He says, according to the poster, "By way of accepting the yoke of the kingdom of Heaven, and yearning for Mashiah Ben David, in the standing presence of all the great leaders of the generation at the head of myriads of Jews, who will gather at the gates of Jersalem, it is possible - without much exaggeration at all - to cause the actualization of the revelation of Mashiah Tzidkenu!"

Who is the "Milkman"? Apparantly, he is a known Kabbalist in Israel. What I found interesting is that he was a student of the Sandlar (presumedly, the Sandlar that is mentioned at the end of this post). A picture of him is available when going through this list of great rabbis and Kabbalists.

Apparently, he tried organizing this type of event before more than 2 years ago. See here. says he had many things that blocked him then. Let's hope he's successful this time.


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