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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Post-Election Aliya Talk

I briefly mentioned it, but I've seen a lot more talk lately about making Aliya as things in the U.S. are changing. The U.S. may get more than it bargained for when it voted for "Change".

A commenter on an article about Obama's victory:
Aliyah - Change that We Can Really Believe In

Today, America has experienced a fundamental change, and a substantial societal shift in electoral values, that will hopefully, do much to repair past injustices, and create new opportunities.

However, let us - B'nei Yisrael - at this time in history, begin to inaugurate the beginning of the change that will bring permanent tikkun olam, and usher in the era of Ha Mashiach.

My fellow Yehudim, living in exile, let this be our time to come home - and join our brothers and sisters in Eretz Yisrael - so that we can work together to enact the ultimate change that the entire world can believe in - and needs so very very much.

Baruch HaShem, yes we can!

Shirat Devorah
Friends tell me that some American Jews are already packing their bags, selling up and making aliya...

Joel Gallis and Dr. Robert Wolf
They predict that the economy will soon spiral down in the USA and guess who will be blamed? Jews must make preparations now to make aliyah.

The most interesting one is this statement from Rabbi Lazer Brody:
"Those who don't come to Israel while they still can may be lucky to escape from the USA with a plastic bag and a pair of pajamas." Rabbi Shalom Arush made this devastating statement in his public lecture in Hebrew several hours ago. His source is impeccable - 2 of the leading Kabbalists of this generation, whose previous predictions have been right on target. Rabbi Shalom is neither partisan nor does he care about politics, whether in Israel or overseas. Yet, he said, "The near eight[y] percent of America's Jews who voted for Obama will soon be called upon to suffer the consequence of their choice."

Wow! Very powerful stuff.

Obama and the financial crisis are not the only reasons either. A commenter on an article about the U.S. Kosher meat shortage:
Yet another call to our fellow Jews to pack up and come move to Israel...You can have meat for shabbos, AND you can be here in the King's palace for Mashiach's (be"H!) imminent arrival!

And Nava is someone who doesn't just talk the talk - she walks the walk - she's making aliya. Hatzlaha Rabba to her.

Something to think about.


At Tue Nov 25, 01:05:00 PM 2008, Blogger Superb Jon said...

Jews moving their money to India caused the USA collapse because they know USA is now just a sleazy pope's bamana republic.


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