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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A New Kal Vahomer Example and More

When teaching the concept of Kal Vahomer to a new learner, it's useful to use an example the student can relate to. The one I use often is:

If a basketball hoop is low enough that I could dunk on it, Kal Vahomer it's low enough for Michael Jordan to dunk on it. (You could replace MJ with your current NBA star.)

The jpost, however, gives us one that might be better suited for the next few weeks:

Israel said on Monday it would not let Iranian ships sail to Gaza after the Iranian Red Crescent announced it would send two vessels to the region in the coming week.

“If we didn’t let an Irish ship reach Gaza, we are certainly not going to let Iranian ships pass,” one diplomatic official said.

Meanwhile, the Gog Umagog coalition continues to form:

Ahmadinejad thanked the government in Ankara and the Turkish people, and described Turkey and Iran as "brother nations" and said the two countries are the “standard bearers of humanity and moralities.”

I think I'm going to throw up.
He stressed that “everyone should know that the relations between the two countries are friendly brotherly and deep rooted today and that the two countries will stand side by side till the end of the line.”


At Tue Jun 08, 12:29:00 PM 2010, Blogger Unknown said...

Hmmmmmm........Here is another Kol Vchomer: If You will throw up from our enemies brotherlyness, then I will throw up from it as well.....Please let us do more mitzvot and teshuvah and bring the redemption already.

At Tue Jun 08, 02:45:00 PM 2010, Anonymous sharona said...

The situation is nausiating now, but we just need to hold on and cling to Hashem- And we'll make it

At Tue Jun 08, 08:18:00 PM 2010, Blogger Neshama said...

Don't you dare, not onto your blog!!

PS I just love these word combinations for verification!!

At Tue Jun 08, 09:13:00 PM 2010, Anonymous Shiloh said...

Yaak, you may enjoy (not in the literal sense) this video that came out yesterday. We will be talking to the Rav tomorrow morning.

Devorah, you should listen also.


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