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Friday, June 22, 2012

Is Mitt Romney Hinted to in Nevuat Hayeled as a Geula Sign?

I had discussed Governor Romney in the past as someone who comes from Esav.

With that in mind, let's take a look at a certain stanza in Nevuat Hayeled:
ודין לכון סימן,
מפרש באת וזמן,
כד יפיק מן,
מדברא מלך ושמו מרומן.
However, notice the alternative girsa of מפרש באת ומן - not וזמן. And using the lectio difficilior rule (which I must admit I never heard of until I started reading parshablog), we will assume that this is the correct girsa.

The translation is thus - according to the Peirush there:

And this will be an explicit sign for you that with the letters of ומ"ן, when from the field [i.e. from Esav] will come out a king and his name is Meroman.
Now, Mitt Romney has the ומנ in his name: רומני.  No other President that came before him had this letter sequence.

To fit רומני into מרומן, one can either say that:

a) The מ of מרומן is a prefix that means "from", which has a similar meaning as the suffix of י.


b) The מ of מרומן is an abbreviation of his middle name that acts like his first name: מיט [Mitt] while the י at the end of רומני is extraneous.


c) It's telling you a possible name, but the essential part is the ומ"נ.

Anyways, if I can be so bold, I'd like to say that Romney is the ultimate sign, but the previous signs are mentioned right afterwards:
זרעיה יקום כד דרען,
ומן תמן מתרען,
ומקדשן מתרען.

The commentary says that this means, "When his son will arise when he is mighty, from there, he will connect with his allies, while towers and fortifications will break."

One need not be a geula blogger to guess that this is referring to George W. Bush.

This is followed by:

חד שורש מן שתקא,
כד ימלוך בחזקא,
מטא קץ מלכותא די אכלה ומדקא.

Again, according to the commentary there, this means, "When a Shetuki man - who is not of the lineage of the king - will arise to rule by force, the end of the kingdom of the fourth beast, of whom it says (Daniel 7:7) 'it devoured and broke in pieces', will have arrived."

A Shetuki (according to the first Mishna in the 4th chapter of Kiddushin) is someone who knows his mother, but does not know his father. While our current President knows who his father is and even wrote a book about him, the father was apparently not in his life very much.  (More can be said about this, but I will leave that for others to comment.)

And that brings us back to Meroman/Romney.

The next stanza has "a request from Binyamin", but enough for now.


At Fri Jun 22, 04:06:00 PM 2012, Blogger yaak said...

To the commenter that keeps wanting to post here, your comment keeps going to blogger spam. I unspammed your comment on the other post, where it is more relevant, and I responded to it.

I don't think the comment needs to be in 2 places.

In the future, try commenting w/o links.

At Fri Jun 22, 04:47:00 PM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post! Please continue it!
If possible, could you give some historical background on the nevuat hayeled. Were their torah leaders who discussed it, or who considered it as a real nevuah?

At Sat Jun 23, 12:56:00 AM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's a book out about the possibility that obama's dad wasn't the kenyan... Heard the author interviewed yesterday on the radio. Think I heard that there's a write up on worldnetdaily. Shetuki

At Sat Jun 23, 02:31:00 AM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it was written in the above newspaper that there are very strong indications he is the son of malcom x and another lady. the details are there and their photos look alike. only Hashem KNows the truth.

At Sat Jun 23, 03:18:00 PM 2012, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Medrash Sefer Eliyahu speaks of a lowly king who is the son of a Shifcha named Gigit. And it speaks of Sefer Daniel describing this king. Hmm. There was a time when I looked into Sarkozy's mother's father who was a Jew from Salonika, but Sarkozy's maternal grandmother was not Gigi. I wonder if the shifcha described in the medrash Sefer Eliyahu is also a woman who does not know the father of her child who becomes the lowly king?? Of course Obama's mother is named Stanley, not Gigit. Again it appears that this lowly king has not yet made his lowly appearance, unless you can show that Stanley and Gigit are one and the same.

At Sun Jun 24, 02:02:00 AM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is reported that Obama is the son of Frank Marshall Davis.

At Sun Jun 24, 08:58:00 AM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Romney hosted a campaign rally this Shabbos, and made the effort to make the food for the Yidden glatt kosher catered and had set up for minyan. There were zemiros talleisim and Shabbos candles. Very menchlechkeit kind of guy. Lots of zechus looks like he might win after all

At Sun Jun 24, 12:11:00 PM 2012, Anonymous Neshama said...

Finally, someone else is suspecting that poor Obama really does not know who his father is. I have said it and still believe that someone else is his father. Time will tell what comes out of this. It could be anyone. And to learn all this about your own mother, if she is, is truly enough to cause a breakdown. I think Obama will end up in disgrace, just not for his politics.

At Sun Jun 24, 12:24:00 PM 2012, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Yes, Romney on a personal level seems to be a decent human being. He really believes in G-d. True, he ma'asers to his Mormon Church, but it demonstrates that he practices what he preaches on a personal level. As a politician he is as slick as they come though. During the debate after Gingrich blurted out the Truth for the first time in about 45 years, "Hey, the Palestinians are an invented people! And I have the historical evidence to prove it." I think Gingrich secured his position in Olam HaBa from that. Then Mitt says that before saying the Truth he would have checked it out with his friend Bibi Netanyahu before speaking the plain truth. My eyes rolled to the top of my head. And I wondered who was slicker, Bibi or Slick Mitt? definitely better than the 11th horn though.

At Sun Jun 24, 12:37:00 PM 2012, Blogger joshwaxman said...

I would think that the more obvious connection is מרומן = Mormon.

But lectio difficilior, the rule of the more difficult word being the original, does not mean that every text garble is the authentic reading. (Otherwise, "thou shalt commit adultery" in the King James Bible would be more original.) It is best applied when the reading seems to be incorrect on the surface, but a deeper knowledge of history or the particulars of grammar would justify the reading.


At Sun Jun 24, 12:43:00 PM 2012, Anonymous Neshama said...

Dov Bar Leib: If you read about the connection to Malcolm X, there is room to continue your idea about "gigit", i.e., that his parents were other than who he says (or thinks) they are. It may yet be revealed. I lean toward the Malcolm link, rather than the F.M.Davis.

At Tue Jun 26, 02:03:00 PM 2012, Blogger bigben said...

The reference may be to "Mormon" not Romney.


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