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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tag-Team Miracle Working

The following story is found in Hebrew on Kikar:

Hila Hasid was a single girl who had a married twin sister who was married for a number of years without children.  She went to Rav Moshe Ben Tov ZT"L to receive a blessing for her sister and for herself to get married.  She came with Mezuzot from her parents' house, showed him the Mezuzot, and after looking at them for a little while, before she could say a word, Rav Ben Tov said, "You have a twin."  After looking at the Mezuzot some more, he said, "She has been married for many years but without children.  And you yourself have a toothache and backache."  She was amazed how he knew all this as she didn't need to speak at all.  He concluded by saying that all the Mezuzot were invalid.  He instructed her to buy new Kosher Mezuzot, a Talit for her yet-to-be-determined husband-to-be, and set aside some money every day for the 4 Minim for Sukkot for her husband-to-be.  He said, "Don't worry.  Hashem's salvation will surely come." 

She left Rav Ben Tov very happy and encouraged.  Sure enough, within 6 months, her sister became pregnant.  However, she herself did not yet merit to find a Shidduch.  She didn't know then how Rav Moshe Ben Tov ZT"L and Rav Mordechai Eliyahu ZT"L would work together for her benefit in the heavens.

Months had passed and both rabbis had passed away about a month away from each other.   One day after their passing, Hila meets up with her friend who was noticeably excited.  She said, "Listen, Hila.  Last night, I had a dream whereby Rav Mordechai Eliyahu came in my dream and told me to tell you to clean my Tziun on Har Hamenuhot.  He added that I should tell you that you should do just as you did for Rav Ben Tov."

Hila was dumbfounded.  Nobody knew about this besides her.  She recalled, "One day, I was having a hard day and gave up on finding a Shidduch.  I felt very depressed.  I decided to go to Rav Ben Tov's Tziun since I had met him while he was alive.  I approached the Tziun and prayed to Hashem that He will send my salvation.  It was a hot day and when I finished my prayer, I noticed that flies were flying close to the Tziun above the leftover wax of the candles that the numerous worshippers who had visited the grave had lit.  In a moment's decision, I took needles and towelettes that were in my purse, cleaned it up, and threw the leftover wax into the nearby garbage.  No one was there at that moment and no one could have known what I did there.  I didn't tell of this to anyone," she said emotionally. 

When she heard about her friend's dream, that very day, she went to Rav Mordechai Eliyahu's grave and cleaned it up too.

A short while afterwards, Miss Hasid got married and is now Mrs. Elimelech.  It's not surprising that the Mesader Kiddushin was one of the close students of Rav Ben Tov. 

The spiritual connection between Rav Mordechai Eliyahu and Rav Ben Tov came to fruition even after they left this world.  Incidentally, for many years, there existed a mysterious connection between these 2 Kabbalists and there are many stories which we are still waiting for someone to tell over for the future generations.


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