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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Geula Update from Rav Fish - Vayeshev, 5773

From Rav Fish's latest:
  • Ma'ale Adumim:
    • Rav Avraham Agassi says that nowadays, we see a deep disagreement between Edom and Israel regarding the area surrounding Ma'ale Adumim (E1).  Perhaps, there is a hint that this place will cause Edom (אדומים) to rise up (מעלה) for the Gog Umagog War against Yerushalayim.  
    • Also, אדמים hints to דמים (with both its meanings - money and blood) because the Gog Umagog War will break out due to an economic crisis in the world and because they will go up to Yerushalayim looking for blood.  
    • Also, in this war, it is expected that there will be the greatest bloodshed in the history of mankind.  
    • Also, אדמים is the Rashei Teivot of the verse that speaks of the beginning of redemption: מְקִימִי מֵעָפָר דָּל; מֵאַשְׁפֹּת, יָרִים אֶבְיוֹן
    • Also, אדמים is the Sofei Teivot of וְדָוִד עַבְדִּי, נָשִׂיא לָהֶם לְעוֹלָם and of וַאֲנִי יְהוָה, אֶהְיֶה לָהֶם לֵאלֹהִים, וְעַבְדִּי דָוִד, נָשִׂיא בְתוֹכָם in 2 ways.
  • He heard from one of the grandchildren of the late Shomrei Emunim Rebbe ZT"L who told him a few weeks before his death about the year 5773 that on Hanukka, there will be fire; in Adar, much wine will be poured; and in Nissan, there will be a great vengeance against the nations.  
    • It is also brought down in the book "Imrei Tzvi" (Koshkelov) that the Teshuva that precedes the Geula will start at Hanukka.
    • A Torah Codes table is brought from Rav Glazerson with "From Hanukka", "In 5773", "Teshuva", "Mashiah" - all in the Book of Devarim, which hints to the sixth millennium.
    • Another Torah Codes table is brought with "The Keitz", "Be'itah", "The Land of Israel", "5773".
  • Rav Avraham Agassi adds that the names of the Kelipot of Yishmael who surround Yerushalayim are Fatah and Hamas (פתח חמס).  Together, they have the same gematria as Yerushalayim (ירושלים) with 596.
  • Solar eclipse:
    • It is brought down in the "Davar Be'ito" calendar (Erev Rosh Hodesh Kislev, 5773) that during the Molad of Kislev, there was a total solar eclipse in Australia and surroundings.  
    • And it is brought down in the book "Yalkut Moshe" in the name of "a tradition from Ezra Hasofer, Rav Saadia Gaon, Rabbeinu Moshe Hadarshan, and the Arizal" that if there is a solar eclipse in the Molad of Kislev, there will be great pain in Egypt.  And this tradition was fulfilled since Egypt is spurred against Egypt [due to Morsi's power grab].  
    • And it is also brought down in the "Sefer Zechira" that a solar eclipse in the Molad of the month of Kislev points to [Bar Minan] an atmosphere of plagues and all types of fevers, a stormy wind, and a great war.


At Thu Dec 06, 09:25:00 AM 2012, Blogger Leah said...

All of this is incredible, yet there is a side of me that gets disappointed because the codes all say this and then it says Hashem is wanting to bring Moshiach, yet it is dependent on klal Yisroel doing teshuvah....and that we keep missing Moshiach's arrival because we did not do is this going to go on and on and on and....?

At Thu Dec 06, 09:50:00 AM 2012, Blogger yaak said...

So each one of us needs to do our own Teshuva. You can only control yourself. Hopefully, others will be inspired too just like one lit candle can light many unlit ones. The Teshuva must happen one way or the other - better without a Haman-like king, but it may turn out with one. When Hashem wants to bring the Geula and Teshuva didn't occur yet, the Haman-like king will appear on the scene which will cause everyone to do Teshuva. The way things are looking, this year could be the year that Hashem decides to do so. Nothing is definite so keep staying tuned.

At Thu Dec 06, 12:49:00 PM 2012, Blogger Leah said...

Thank you for your incite.

At Thu Dec 06, 02:09:00 PM 2012, Blogger yaak said...

I hope you meant insight. :)

At Thu Dec 06, 07:16:00 PM 2012, Blogger joshwaxman said...

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At Fri Dec 07, 02:24:00 AM 2012, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

whane is moshiach coming rebbe by chanukah or ahadr or nisan
so its 3 month process

At Fri Dec 07, 08:24:00 AM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe... by each one of us truly will affect others... our "little world" bumps into other little worlds... and each one of us has the ability to do a ripple affect that will change the entire world.

YOU affect me, and hopefully i affect you... it catches on like a Fire from Heaven...because we're all repenting from the walk we've been doing, and THIS time, we want to do it RIGHT...

We will follow His WAY this time... the Way of Truth... the Way BACK to what it should be...

Genesis 3:23... the Way BACK this time to what we should be doing.

At Fri Dec 07, 10:48:00 AM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If there is going to be a Nekama Ba'goyim, what are we still doing in Hus Laares? There is nothing left to do here in terms of Kedusha. Maybe people going home, even if it means we are only to eat bread with salt, will have the proper ripple effect on Clal Yisrael.

Our Atid is there, not here.

Obviously, I am also struggling with this myself.

Thanks Yaak,

Hazak u'Baruh


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