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Monday, November 25, 2013

Interesting Recent Links - Miketz 5774

Arutz Sheva - Netanyahu: Deal a Historical Mistake

Matzav - When a Headline Says It All (הן עם לבדד ישכן, said gleefully by anti-Israel reporter Robert Fisk)

Matzav - Israel Vows ‘Whatever Is Necessary’ To Stop Iran

Matzav - Dershowitz: Iran Deal ‘Cataclysmic Error of Gigantic Proportions’

Matzav - Steinitz: Agreement Liable To Bring Iran Nearer Bomb

YWN - VIDEO: Sen. Schumer Pledges To Work With GOP To Stop Iran Deal

YWN - Republicans in Congress Wary of Iran Nuclear Deal  (See also Matzav)

Matzav - Gen. Hayden: Iran Deal ‘Worst of All Possible Outcomes’

Matzav - Israeli Ministers Lambaste ‘Delusional’ Iran Nuclear Deal

Kikar - Neturei Karta on the Iran deal: "The Zionists have suffered a downfall"

Arutz Sheva - MK Moses on the Iran deal: Israeli Isolation is a Divine punishment for Haredi isolation

Lazer Beams - Kerry for Kerry

Mystical Paths - The US Doublecross of Israel

Debka - Jerusalem, Riyadh stunned: Obama makes Iran 7th world power on regional issues, including Palestinians

Kikar and Arutz Sheva - UK's Hague to Israel: Don't Interfere With Iran Deal

Debka and YWN - Canada ‘Deeply Skeptical’ Of Iran Nuke Deal

Debka and Matzav - Seven loopholes favoring a nuclear Iran in deal signed by the world powers

Matzav - Officials: Israelis In Secret Trip To Inspect Saudi Bases, Could Be Used As Staging Ground For Strikes Against Iran

YNet and Mikolot Mayim Rabim - The Jewish priest that became a Ba'al Teshuva (h/t Torah Musings)

YWN - PHOTOS: United Hatzalah: Quadriplegic on Respirator Conquers Masada with the Help of United Hatzalah Volunteers

YWN - Former Imprisoned Bochur in Japan is Married

Kikar and YWN - Rishon L’Tzion Rav Yitzhak Yosef: Yair Lapid is Worse than his Father

YWN - Government Tenacious in Effort to Dismantle Torah Lifestyle (See also Tomer Devorah)

Kikar and YWN - Labor Leader Herzog Grandfather Said Don’t Draft Chareidim

Kikar - Rav Ariel Shlit"a is against reform (even the small "r") in the Dati Le'umi sector

Kikar - MK Litzman criticizes Netanyahu for not wearing a Kippa at Moscow Jewish Museum while holding holy books

YWN - Norwegian Government Official: Jews, Muslims Circumcise Out of Ignorance

Kikar and YWN - Fanatics Verbally Assault Eida Ravaad Rav Sternbuch Shlita


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Assimilation / Hanukah / Yaakob
by Rabbi Eli Mansour

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Wall of Seperation: Hanukah


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