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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Interesting Recent Links - Vayetze 5774 III

Shvilei Pinches - Why did "G-d's Malachim" Wish to Kill Yaakov after Seeing his Image Engraved on the Throne of Glory?

Kol Emunim newsletter (p. 1) - Yaakov Avinu prayed for the time of the Geula that it should be Rahamim for Israel and Din for the nations

Ladaat - Maybe naming a street for Rav Ovadia isn't the most respectful idea (also talks about Rebbe cards)

Cross Currents - Is WoW anti-Israel?

Cross Currents - Jonathan Sarna, Please Call Home

YWN - Sleepy Traveler Responds

YWN - MK Maklev Warns Against More Assimilation Due to Adoption Law

YWN - MK Eichler: The State is on a Suicide Path

Kikar - Someone who voted for the Bnei Torah Party was declared invalid to be a witness at a wedding (This is absolutely ridiculous and getting out of hand IMHO.)

YWN and Matzav - Thanksgiving On The First Day Of Chanukah – First Time In 125 Years – Why So Infrequent?

Shloshim for Rabbi Moshe Kushner A"H - former executive director of the cRc

Sun Times - Illinois State Rep Naomi Jakobsson (not Jewish) leaves her dying son to go vote to redefine marriage and comes back to find him already dead

Tomer Devorah - IT'S A MONSTER!


At Fri Nov 08, 02:48:00 AM 2013, Blogger Neshama said...

I agree immensely with you about B.T. and the purging. Abnoxious at its source.
The boomerang is that the 'other party' was voted into the Jerusalem municipality.


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