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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Interesting Recent Links - Vayetze II

Halacha Yomit - The Thirtieth Day Since the Passing of Maran zt”l

Halacha Yomit - Speaking Maran zt”l’s Praises on Shabbat

Kikar - Rav Ovadia Sheloshim Pictures

Lazer Beams - Hold On Tight

Tomer Devorah - Looking at the Wall

Torah Musings - May One Say "Mumbai"?

Parshablog - Yaakov, davening early maariv and hovering on Shabbos

Kikar - Pashkevilim Decrying Rabbi Berg ("Madonna's Rabbi") Being Buried in Tzefat's Cemetery, Asking for it to be Moved Elsewhere

Kikar - A Sepharadi who learned in an Ashkenazic Yeshiva asks Mehilla for the Way his Yeshiva Treated Rav Ovadia While he was Alive

Cross-Currents - Guide to the Perplexing

Going Home - Guilty! Guilty! Mankind is Guilty!

Matzav - My Family’s Terror at the NJ Garden State Mall (R' Shmuli Boteach)

End of Days - Welcome Back Avigdor

Shiloh Musings - Is it Nazi-like to Want Judea and Samaria Judenrein?

Say what you want about NYC's new mayor Bill de Blasio - yes, he's an unapologetic leftist progressive, but he handled the passing of Rav Ovadia Yosef ZT"L a thousand times better than Joe Lhota did, and for that, I give him credit.


Arutz Sheva - Parshat Vayishlah Dedicated to Honoring Wounded Soldiers

Arutz Sheva - Young Israel Pres.: America Hypocritical on Pollard

Matzav - EXPOSED: Women of the Wall Linked To Rabidly Anti-Israel Groups

Matzav - Women of the Wall Threatens Jerusalem Online Over Critical Article Showing Anti-Israel Ties


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