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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Interesting Recent Links - Vayishlah 5774

Geula Update from Rav Fish - Vayetze 5774 (pages 5-11. Sorry, no time for translation.)

Kikar video - Moshe Feiglin - from Knesset podium - calls on the US to free Pollard and tells them that Pollard is in jail for the same crimes they did themselves (Jonathan Pollard begins his 29th year in jail. For shame on the United States.)

Update:  Tribune - Jonathan Pollard -- the 'spy' still out in the cold (h/t Matzav, and pleasantly surprising for the Trib)

Kikar, Matzav, and Akiva add their own "Nines Prayer" posts

Halacha Yomit - Accompanying a Woman Giving Birth on Shabbat (see also the story at the end)

Kikar - Rav Amar says "Rav Ovadia understood like a Rishon" and connects his passing with the recent earthquakes in Teveria

Kikar - Contest with a 20,000 Shekel prize for knowledge in Yabia Omer

Matzav - Rav Galinsky, Other Maggidim Hospitalized

Kikar and YWN - Please pray for Rav Batzri, who was hospitalized. (רב דוד שלום בן ויקטוריה)

Matzav - Quebec: Charter Would Forbid Wearing Religious Garb, Daycares Serving Kosher

Esser Agaroth - Welcome to Jerusalem's Xtian Café!

Matzav - Women of the Wall Demands that Matzav Remove Article Exposing Ties to Anti-Israel Elements

Kikar - CER banner asks "Is there a future for Jewish life in Europe?" Rav Pinchas Goldschmidt at the conference answers "Thank you for coming to remind us that Jews are still welcome in Europe."

Matzav - Strange Doings on the Sun Baffle Scientists

Matzav - Telshe Yeshiva Chicago Dinner This Sunday

Emes Ve'emunah - A Microcosm of Achdus

YWN - Willis Tower will no longer be USA's Tallest Building

Tomer Devorah - Look Out!

YWN - The IDF May Lose its Finest Combatants

YWN - Stern Offers to Lift Parliamentary Immunity to Face Off Against Rav Lior in Court

Iran Policy

Matzav - Thank Heaven for the French?

Typhoon Haiyan

Matzav - More Than 10,000 Feared Dead In Typhoon-Ravaged Philippines

YWN - Israel Search and Rescue Experts Head to the Philippines

Matzav - Israeli Organization To Send Relief Team To Philippines After Typhoon

End of Days - An Analysis of Cyclone HaiYan: The Hey in Hashem's Name

Rabbi Glazerson - The Disaster in the Philippines

YWN - Deadly Natural Disasters of the Past Decade

Kiddushei Hashem

Emes Ve'emunah - Two Jews

Life In Israel - Viral Photo of Black Man Sleeping on Jewish Subway Stranger (video)

Kikar - צפו: מצא 98 אלף דולר ומיהר להחזיר

Mashiach is Coming and CosmicX compare it to the famous story of Shimon ben Shatah

Rabbi Shafran - The Way We Are


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