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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Is Comet ISON Jewish and a Sign for Mashiah?

Midrash Tefillat Ribbi Shimon Bar Yohai:
ובתחלת השבוע (שמיטה) השנה הראשונה אין בו מטר ובשניה חצי רעב ובשלישית יהיה רעב גדול ולא יהיה מטר וברביעית בינונית ובחמישית יהיה שובע גדול ובששית יצמח כוכב אחד ממזרח ובראשו שבט של אש כמו רומח ואומרים אומות העולם כוכב זה לנו הוא, ואינו כן אלא משל ישראל שנאמר דרך כוכב מיעקב, ועת זריחתו באשמורת הראשונה של לילה עד ב׳ שעות ויאסף ט״ו יום במזרח וסובב למערב ועושה ט"ו ימים ואם יתר הוא טוב לישראל
And in the beginning of the seven-year cycle, the first year has no rain.  In the second year, there is a half-famine.  In the third year, there will be a great famine and there will be no rain.  And in the fourth year, mediocre.  And in the fifth year, there will be great plenty. 
I'm interrupting the translation to bring you this chart from Israel's Water Authority showing the Kinneret level since 2004.  Notice that the first year after Shemitta in this cycle, 5769, had very little rain.  The next year, 5770, was not much better and we were still below the lower red line, causing there to be 2 years in a row of under-lower-red-line water levels, which is why it's called a "half-famine".  The next year, 5771, still kept us under the lower red line for most of the year, causing 3 years in a row of this situation, earning it the distinction of a "great famine".  The fourth year, 5772, was a good rain year, which got us out over the lower red line.  The fifth year, 5773, was B"H a very good rain year, earning it the distinction of "great plenty".
Source: Israel Water Authority

Now, back to the translation:
And in the sixth year, one star will sprout, and on its head is a staff of fire like a spear.  And the nations of the world say, "It is ours!", but it is not true - rather, it belongs to Israel, as it says, "There shall step forth a star out of Jacob".  And the time of its shining is in the first watch of the night until 2 hours.  And it will gather for 15 days in the east and turn around to the west and do 15 days. And if it lasts longer, it is good for Israel.

While I am aware that there are multiple versions of this Midrash (such as those mentioned here and on the page following), at least this version seems to be promising.  And as all these Midrashim continue, it is viewed as a sign for Mashiah.

Consider the news about the Comet ISON:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy
Is the fact that it will make this Sivuv on the first day of Hanukka a hint to the Or Haganuz (with אור being the 25th word in the Torah)?

Also, is this Sivuv from the east to the west referring to ISON's Sivuv around the sun after its perihelion? 

Maybe, but perhaps there is an alternate explanation.  According to this site:
Dec 5th: By now it should be worth looking for Comet ISON in the western sky after sunset, too. addition to the east before dawn.  Perhaps, the Sivuv and the 15 days in the west begin Dec. 5th when it starts to be visible in the west.

And note that it's only visible in the evening right after sunset.  NBCNews reports that:
On Dec. 20, Comet ISON sets at 6:24 p.m. local time, 14 minutes after the end of evening twilight.
Is that considered the first watch of the night until 2 hours?  I guess it depends on when you calculate Tzeit Hakochavim and whether 2 hours means 2 full hours or into the 2nd hour.

Finally, all this could be a moot point if the comet breaks apart during its perihelion on the first day of Hanukka.

In any case, may we soon merit seeing amazing things both in the sky and here on earth.


At Tue Nov 26, 03:56:00 AM 2013, Blogger Devorah Chayah said...

Comet ISON reached naked-eye visibility on Nov. 14th - 15 days before perihelion on Nov. 28th.

At Tue Nov 26, 12:18:00 PM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spelled backward 'Nosi'

At Tue Nov 26, 07:18:00 PM 2013, Blogger joshwaxman said...

Betteridge's law of headlines?

At Tue Nov 26, 07:40:00 PM 2013, Blogger Unknown said...

Amazing Yaak. Do you remember when a few weeks ago I commented on your blog the exact same timerline for the years69-75? It was not for these reason but other more personal ones but it all fit. It was divinely inspired add it is. This means that beginning this year, Nissan officially according to my count we will stay sounding the sounds of redemption which includes publicizing the secrets of the Torah

At Tue Nov 26, 09:35:00 PM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

very nice sign, thanks


At Wed Nov 27, 07:12:00 AM 2013, Blogger goyisherebbe said...

Why don't you translate sivuv as orbit or pass? People who don't read Hebrew are just going to be confused.

At Wed Nov 27, 10:15:00 AM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is why we have comments, whoever don't understand something, may ask.

At Wed Nov 27, 11:41:00 AM 2013, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

We are in year 6, and it is as dry as a bone. Apparently Eliyahu HaNavi and other Voices will come here even if the weather will not be wet.

At Wed Nov 27, 11:59:00 AM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some customs for Hanukah

It is a segulah for protection to recite the prayer Viyhi Noam and Psalm 91 seven times after lighting Hanukah candles.

It is customary for women to refrain from work while the Hanukah candles burn, especially during the first half hour, the time when the commandement to light Hanukah candles is primarly fulfilled.

may we soon merit seeing amazing things both in the sky and here on earth, Amen!!

At Wed Nov 27, 07:07:00 PM 2013, Blogger Devorah said...

Thanks Yaak. Great post.

At Wed Nov 27, 09:14:00 PM 2013, Anonymous Shiloh said...

Seeing of Fox news, the coming 4 blood red moons, one next Pesach, then Sukkot, repeating in 2015, and a solar eclipse on Rosh haShanah. Wait, add how Obama has just back stabbed Israel, is something finally up?

At Thu Nov 28, 11:42:00 AM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kohelet / Perek 1. Torah of Adam Harishhon / Level 50

B'H" very soon, when Mashiah comes, we will reach that level 50, the level of Secrets of Torah

by Rabbi Eli Mansour

At Thu Nov 28, 02:11:00 PM 2013, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Comet Ison just broke apart going around the sun. So that ends that. The burning iceball is a dud. sorry.

At Thu Nov 28, 02:40:00 PM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this dud will bring rain in EY soon and I think it is good sign too

At Thu Nov 28, 09:24:00 PM 2013, Blogger Devorah said...

Dov Bar Leib, apparently it survived:

At Fri Nov 29, 01:40:00 AM 2013, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Oh my Heavens, one of the fragments of the comet apparently survived. How bright will the fragment be compared to the original comet? Did the break up of the comet throw the comet fragment off course so that it will not pass as close to the earth, or is the opposite true? The fragment was not seen at first by NASA last night. So it seems right now that this fragment is at this stage less bright by a significant amount.

At Fri Nov 29, 01:47:00 AM 2013, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Plus what percentage of the comet survived? What does that portend for whatever percentage of the Jewish people will survive the next 22 months of turmoil before 5776, the Motzei Shmittah year?

At Fri Nov 29, 08:12:00 AM 2013, Blogger vincent said...

At Fri Nov 29, 12:26:00 PM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yosef is alive!!

At Fri Nov 29, 03:02:00 PM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

AND may he live, AMEN!!!

At Sat Nov 30, 11:10:00 AM 2013, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At Sat Nov 30, 12:07:00 PM 2013, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

So does this mean that Yehonatan Pollard will soon be getting out of prison? The sun in Yosef's dream about the sun, moon, and the 11 stars bowing before Yosef is Ya'akov Avinu (which is all of us), but maybe he, Yosef, will survive our bad behavior after all, bli ayin hara. Happy Chanukah.

At Sat Nov 30, 12:49:00 PM 2013, Blogger vincent said...

Guys and girls,
the thing is dimming down, fizling out, slowing down, no real core. Just dust particles they reckon.

At Mon Dec 02, 11:35:00 AM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mashiah & Torah SheBealpeh


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