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Friday, December 27, 2013

Life Imitates Art? A Scenario Similar to "Fill the Void" is Happening in Real Life

According to a Kikar report, it seems as if life is imitating art.

About a month after the tragic Petira of Chaya Feiga Hager A"H, the great-granddaughter of the Vishnitzer Rebbe of Monsey, in childbirth (as I noted here), her husband, Rav Yochanan Hager is now engaged to her younger sister Trana [sp?].

The film from last year Fill the Void has a very similar plot:
Shira Mendelman (Hadas Yaron), an 18-year-old Haredi girl living in Tel Aviv, is looking forward to an arranged marriage with a young man whom she likes. However, on Purim, her family suffers a tragedy when Shira's older sister Esther (Renana Raz) dies in childbirth. Shira's father subsequently delays the engagement so as not to have to deal with an empty house so soon after Esther's death. Esther's husband, Yochay (Yiftach Klein), begins to regularly bring their son, Mordechai, to the Mendelman's house, where Shira cares for him.

One day, Yochay's mother approaches Shira's mother, Rivka (Irit Sheleg), about the possibility of Yochay remarrying, believing it to be best for Mordechai. She plans to suggest an offer from a widow in Belgium. Rivka is distraught by the idea of Mordechai being taken out of the country and suggests that Yochay marry Shira instead.


Time passes, and Shira eventually grows to love Yochay of her own accord. She approaches the rabbi and asks again that she and Yochay be married, and he agrees this time. The film closes with their wedding.
Some of the comments at Kikar noted the similarity.  And "Yochanan" is similar to "Yochay" too.

Anyways, a bittersweet Mazal Tov to the new couple.


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