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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rav Yaakov Ades Shlit"a Delivers Stinging Attack Against the Pope and Xtianity

In this amazing 45-minute video, Rav Yaakov Ades Shlit"a pulls no punches against Xtianity (in Hebrew):

Hat tip: Rafi, who wrote:
Rav Addes gave a shiur in which he dealt with the coming of the Pope (to Israel).. in his shiur (click below), he says that people should not go to see the Pope, and anybody who does see him should immerse in a mikva. As well, people should not watch him on the television or other media either. It is all prohibited under the passuk of not turning to their gods (אל תפנו אל אלילים).. listen to the shiur. he has some interesting things to say about the whole thing, the visit, christianity in general, etc.

I don't think Rav Addes is a posek, but he is considered a mekubal and a man seriously connected to kedusha...
In addition, Rav Ades talked about the following topics:

  • How it's a terrible shame and irony that the Pope will come visit the place that the Romans destroyed. 
  • How the Ramban won his disputation, and unlike all other disputations, the Ramban was able to say everything he wanted to say without fear of retribution.  In the end, he needed to flee anyways.
  • How Judaism is based on faith and logic while Xtianity is based solely on blind faith.
  • How a Xtian hospital worker, who was taking care of him, tried to convert Rav Ades when he was injured laying in a hospital bed.  Rav Ades wouldn't hear any of it, but told him that there was one special thing about Xtianity over any other religion.  The hospital worker's ears perked up.  Rav Ades said it's the only religion whose roots are not only false, but are also disgusting.
  • How (like I mentioned last year with a follow-up) Rav Ades's book - that, in part, attacked Xtianity - was translated to Italian and was sent to the previous pope, who sent him a positive note back saying that he learned from it.  Not long afterwards, the pope resigned.  He said that he was going on to doing "better things".  Not only that, but the first thing he did after resigning was to undergo a Berit Milah. (I have not seen this last part anywhere else.  Can anyone verify this with an outside source?)
  • How some people came to him and wanted to counter the movie made that made terribly false claims against Rav Kaduri ZT"L.  He mentioned how Rav Kaduri specifically did Kabbalistic things to spiritually weaken Xtianity.
  • How Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach ZT"L said that he heard from a Xtian leader that there is no competent person in the entire world that believes in Xtianity.


At Wed May 21, 06:21:00 PM 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

isnt reporting rav adas words on the internet a chilul hashem מתרגה באומות????

At Wed May 21, 06:26:00 PM 2014, Blogger yaak said...

This is not מתגרה באומות - it is attacking - with words - a false god and religion, which is not only not a Hillul Hashem, but the highest form of Kiddush Hashem.

At Wed May 21, 09:42:00 PM 2014, Anonymous Shiloh said...

I disagree Yaak, continuing the lies with lies is the ultimate chillul HaShem. If the rabbi or anyone would get off the hatred against a Jew who has NOTHING to do with Pauline Christianity, then the then former xtians with their zeal would be living the Torah as that historic messianic movement tried to bring and promoting it to the world which the Great Lie has done so well plus the creation of antisemetism. But sadly we cannot on either side get past the lies. On our side, we cannot support the Jew from 2000 years ago because he was not a pharisaic practicing Jew but a sadducean with a few pharisaic beliefs (ie world to come) but he was not that of the herodian appointed sadduceans (different sect), on the xtian side the cannot support him either because he was not a pharisaic invention of rav Shaul (corrupted to Paul) which turned out to be anti Torah and obviously anti semetic. The game is rigged on both sides along with the hindering the geulah. The geulah is at our fingertips, but the lies and wicked on all sides are keeping it just beyond reach.

At Wed May 21, 10:51:00 PM 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree with you Yaak.....its a Kiddush Hashem mamesh to say what the torah says on idolatry especially one that has been a horror show from day 1 . May elyahu come speedily and explain fully why the torture and torment we went through in catholic europe , culminating in polands concentration camps . Safuk = amalak and when theres crazed men from this religion running around every dor killing us etc theres safuk . The state was supposed to have ended deicide , taking Davids tomb says it hasnt . Im in terror of this religion , its hard for me to pass a church without thinking all the horrors weve been through .

At Thu May 22, 10:03:00 AM 2014, Blogger Neshama said...

There is a difference between leaders and followers (the common people) of any religion.
When considering Americas beginnings, it was the early Xtians influenced by Judaism, who wrote the Bill of Rights, Constitution etc, (al pi the Abishteh), that paved the way for the last migration of Jews, fleeing hatred, torture, and murder. They were good people and created a good nation. There are still some remaining righteous ones, but that America is NO MORE. Once upon a time....

Hence, Jews are now in Eretz Yisrael.

BUT that is very different from Rome's leaders. Personally,I have no interest in "the visit" and prefer that it not happen. However, we are living in the end of days and there is a replay (of history) taking place.

At Thu May 22, 10:16:00 AM 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll be sitting in sackcloth and ashes outside the holy city. Please, Hashem, have mercy for Your own Name's sake!

At Thu May 22, 02:09:00 PM 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon. 10:51, Neshama & Anon. @16:00, and, of course,Yaak, were all CORRECT!

The other two don't seem to get it; that's what the galut has done to our people.

At Fri May 23, 01:59:00 AM 2014, Anonymous Shiloh said...

last annon, prove what I say wrong. You will never be able to as I know the dirty tight held secret on this subject.

At Fri May 23, 10:40:00 AM 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

shiloh, spoken as a true Karaite or just plain old denier of Torah B'al Peh, which you seem to not be able to accept as part of the Torah, which was DEFINITELY given to the Bnai Yisrael at the giving of the Torah at Har Sinai! EVERYTHING else is avodah zorah!


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