Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Rabbi Shteinzaltz named Nassi of Sanhedrin

Rabbi Adin Shteinzaltz, famous for his multi-volume work on Shas, has been named the Nassi (leader) of the newly-formed Sanhedrin, reports Arutz Sheva.

It's interesting to see the comments on the article, with a lot of people pro and con the idea. Especially, note the comment from DevorahChaya (formerly of the blog Jerusalem Mandate):

Name: DevoraChaya
Hometown: Yerushalayim Ir Hakodesh
Title: Allow me, please...
Comment: ...to add my "mazal tov" and "yasher koach" to those courageous and forward-looking souls who have undertaken this phenomenal task. To those doubters and critics (who seem to reside mostly in chu"l), I say you should examine your motives for taking such a negative stance. Could it be that you simply do not want to see any progress on the road to Redemption because you are so comfortable where you sit? I suggest to you that you anchor yourself more firmly to a true Torah base than ever. This is definitely for real and the ride is going to get rockier yet before it's finished.

The article mentions other members of the Sanhedrin, as well. More are mentioned on the Sanhedrin's website.


At Wed Jun 08, 12:30:00 AM 2005, Blogger Cosmic X said...

Even if the new Sanhedrin is not accepted you have to give these guys an "A" for effort. I hope that they are accepted and that this will give the "geulah" wagon a push forward.


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