Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Another Geula Prediction for 5772

Three years ago, the Kol HaRa'am newsletter by Uzi Mizrahi predicted a war to start during the last days of Hannuka, 5769, based on a Zohar and the date of the Mumbai Massacre. Operation Cast Lead started just then.

The Kol HaRa'am newsletter is now predicting that since Cast Lead was connected to the Mumbai attacks, and Mumbai is part of the world where Avoda Zara is still prevalent, we can therefore, count 1290 days from the start of Operation Cast Lead, which is connected to Mumbai, which has a connection to the שקוץ שומם, and get to 24 Tammuz, 5772. 45 days later would be 10 Elul, 5772.

I have a couple of questions on this:

1) Why can't we count from the Mumbai attacks themselves, which would make more sense?
2) If Cast Lead started on Dec. 27th, as Wikipedia says, then 1290 days later is July 9, 2012, which is the 19th of Tamuz - not the 24th. This would make 45 days later the fifth of Elul - not the tenth.

Regardless, the prediction is an interesting one.  Whether it is true or not remains to be seen.  May we merit the Geula speedily in our days.


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