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Friday, March 01, 2013

The Ki Tisa - Parah Connection 2

In this post from 4 years ago, I included a chart of when Ki Tisa falls out on Parshat Parah in the past century.  See there what I believe the significance to be.

One can see from the chart there that after this year, we are beginning what I call a "Drought" in this occurrance.  That is, during a normal period, Ki Tisa and Parah coincide every 3 years.  During a "Flood" period, it can be every 1 or 2 years.  During a short "Drought" period, it takes 4 years to coincide.

The "Drought" starting means that after this year, the next time we will read Parshat Parah during Ki Tisa will be 5777/2017. 

Hopefully, by that time, we won't need to read about the Parah as we will already have one in use.

(See also this article by Daniel Pinner entitled "Preparing for Redemption".  Hat tip: Mashiach Is Coming)


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