Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Interesting Recent Links - Teruma 5774 II

Bar Mitzvah of Grandson of Current and Former Rishonim Letzion

Updates on Tragedies

BDE: Death Toll in Gilo Gas Explosion Increases to 4

B’sura Tova! Gross Boys Showing ‘Significant Improvement’
Refael Yitzchak Gross Taken Off the ECMO Machine

Talmidei Yeshiva Injured in MVA Heading to the Dead Sea – Tefilos Requested

Was the Death of a Tel Aviv Rav an Act of Terror?

Didn't Explode, But It's Still More Gas!

Still More Reasons for the Tragedies

HaRav Landau: Tragedies Caused by Unacceptable Treatment of an Agunah

Attack on Rav Yehuda Cohen Shlit"a

The Yair Netanyahu Saga

After all that...

Netanyahu: My Son is Not Dating a Non-Jew (if true, B"H)


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