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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Interesting Recent Links - Va'et'hanan 5774 III

Geula- and Tish'a Be'av-Related

War Miracles

War Mitzvot

Jewish Views on the War

Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein | Let us draw strength (video)

Video: Tisha B’Av At a Time of War

Bein Hazmanim?


Indian Television Crew Exposes Hamas Firing From Crowded Civilian Area
how Hamas assembles and fires rockets, in residential areas (video)

Sean Hannity in Israel (videos)

The Bolt Report - Gaza

Hypocrisy over Gaza (video)

Spontaneous Pro-Israel Rally Erupts in Response to Protestors (video)

Ann Coulter To Sean Hannity: ‘I Wish Netanyahu Was Our President’

The Condition of Gravely Wounded IDF Soldier Continues to Improve B”H

Video: Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer Makes CNN Anchor Look Silly On Israel Coverage

WATCH: MK Moshe Feiglin On CNN Responds To Hamas ‘Concentration Camp’ Allegations

Thoughts on Gaza and Jericho First (Oslo 1992)

Hamas Chief Declares Victory Over Israel

Victory is OURS!
Victory is OURS!

Time to Enforce the Death Penalty!

Photo: Eichah on Leil Tisha B’Av with Soldiers of the IDF
PHOTO: IDF Soldiers Reciting Eicha On Tisha B’av Nightdiers of the IDF


London Theater Boycotts UK Jewish Film Festival


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