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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Interesting Links about Geula & Yerushalayim

R' Lazer Brody: Generation of Mashiah

R' Gil Student: Jerusalem Unification Day (Also, see the comments section)

Latest Prediction from Tsunami Kabbalist (unverified)

Let's hope that on this 39th year after the reunification of Yerushalayim, we will have already received the 39 lashes, and our sins will have been atoned for, so we can now greet Mashiah Tzidkenu in a Yerushalayim HaBenuya, Amen.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Or Hahaim on Behar

I'm a little late for this, but I just read the commentary of the Or Hahaim Hakadosh on Parshat Behar - (Vayikra 25:25-28).
He concludes that the Geula will happen Be'itah even if we are all wicked based on the verse:
ואם לא מצאה ידו די השיב לו והיה ממכרו ביד הקונה אותו עד שנת היובל ויצא ביובל ושב לאחוזתו

where יובל connotes the endtime of Geula Be'itah. Vehameivin Yavin.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Strengthen Your Emuna

Make sure to see this week's edition of Emuna News Weekly from R' Lazer Brody. It's a doozy.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Public Bakashot on the Internet

These seemed a bit strange to me at first, but after some thought, I see nothing wrong with these. They can only encourage others to use our greatest weapon available to us: prayer.

R' Lazer Brody's request to stop the "Convergence Plan"

Nava's Petition for Hashem to send Mashiah Tzidkenu now

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Tzipita Lishua

Last week, I had the chance to read the very short book called Tzipita Lishua, written by the Hafetz Hayim - R' Yisrael Meir Kagan, ZaTza"L. It contains 3 chapters:

Chapter 1 discusses the apparent contradiction between the verses in Parshat Nitzavim which talk about the Geula coming from Teshuva - and the Gemaras in Sanhedrin and Sota, which talk about moral decay preceding the Geula. The Hafetz Hayim seems to say that both are necessary.

Chapter 2 discusses not giving up hope on the Geula happening despite trials and tribulations that may come, whether physical or spiritual.

Chapter 3 discusses the necessity of Torah scholars, but Kohanim in particular, to know the laws of Kodashim and of the Beit Hamikdash since it would not be good to be unprepared for a sudden Geula.

May we learn those laws and merit the Geula - Bimhera Veyamenu, Amen.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Random Thoughts

  • Kinda liked this article on Yom Ha'atzma'ut.

  • Anyone else notice that the names of the 2 main dividers of Eretz Yisrael and Yerushalayim are Otniel and Ehud - which happen to be the names of the first 2 (righteous) leaders of the Jewish people who lead from start to finish while in the land? (See Shofetim 3:9 and 3:15)

  • Rafi G. asked me to post about the aforementioned Hachnassat Sefer Torah celebration. It was very nice. I heard estimates that about 1000 people participated - coming from many area shuls - not just Adas Yeshurun. It started at Rabbi Cohen's house, and included a float that had a band playing on top. (Apparently, there was a heter for this occasion to be done during Sefirat Ha'Omer, which is why there could be music.) Crossing Touhy was a scene in and of itself. Cars were stuck every which way and needed to be diverted. At the shul, there was a nice amount of dancing in the main room and it soon became packed. Later, Chaim Suss spoke, followed by Joey Abramchik, then Rabbi Cohen, and finally, Rav Salomon, Shlit"a. Mincha followed. Refreshments were served in the social hall. All in all, it was a great event.

Many Zechuyot Sunday

This past Sunday, I was blessed with many Zechuyot (merits):

  • I had the merit of driving R' Gedalia Dov Schwartz to the airport on his way to the RCA Convention.

  • I had the merit of dancing in front of a Torah as part of a Hachnasat Sefer Torah

  • I had the merit of hearing R' Mattisyahu Salomon speak to a large crowd

  • I had the merit of learning Torah with my children

  • I had the merit of learning Torah with others

B"H Shezachiti Lekach!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Today, I said Hallel...

...without a Beracha at the end of Shaharit. See Halacha Yomit.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Recent Great Links - כמה עדכונים ערב ראש חודש אייר

Lazer Beams - Emuna News Weekly - From Point A To Point B, Part Five: What's Taking So Long?

Mystical Paths - Until the Last Day

Dawn of Redemption - The Fall of Paras and the coming of Moshiach

Been Busy Again

Please excuse the absense of posts as I've been very busy at work.

But, as you know, a little היסח הדעת (distracted thought) can only help the Geula. The Gemara in Sanhedrin 97a says that 3 things come with היסח הדעת and the first is משיח.

On the other hand, the Gemara in 97b says:

א"ר שמואל בר נחמני אמר ר' יונתן תיפח עצמן של מחשבי קיצין שהיו אומרים כיון שהגיע את הקץ ולא בא שוב אינו בא אלא חכה לו שנאמר אם יתמהמה חכה לו שמא תאמר אנו מחכין והוא אינו מחכה ת"ל (ישעיהו ל) לכן יחכה ה' לחננכם ולכן ירום לרחמכם וכי מאחר שאנו מחכים והוא מחכה מי מעכב מדת הדין מעכבת וכי מאחר שמדת הדין מעכבת אנו למה מחכין לקבל שכר שנאמר (ישעיהו ל) אשרי כל חוכי לו

and the Maharsha gives 2 explanations on the question of אנו למה מחכין (why are we waiting expectantly). I want to concentrate on his second explanation:

ועוד יש לומר דהכי קאמר אנו למה מחכין דמשיח לא בא רק בהיסח הדעת וטפי הוי היסח הדעת באינו מחכה ואמר דלכך אנו מחכין לקבל שכר ודו"ק

In other words, why are we waiting expectantly if Mashiah only comes while distracted from him? It would be more of a state of distracted thought if we WOULDN'T be waiting expectantly! The Gemara's answer, says the Maharsha, is that we wait expectantly to receive reward.

Isn't this a פלא??? We should delay Mashiah's arrival so that we should receive reward??? Let's forget the reward and let Mashiah come already!!

Perhaps what is meant is that we need the reward in order to sweeten the Midat Hadin of Hakadosh Baruch Hu, and only by sweetening the Midat Hadin can Mashiah arrive. So, perhaps we need both the consistant daily חכה לו reminder to receive reward that sweetens the Midat Hadin - plus, a general state of היסח הדעת. (If anyone has a better answer, and I'm sure there are some out there, please let me know.)

That said, let's hope I have more time to post from now on.

With the arrival of the month of Iyar, the month of אני ה' רופאך, let's hope we have a true healing from Shamayim, both as individuals and as a nation - both physically and spiritually - with the coming of משיח צדקינו במהרה בימינו Amen.