Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jews Protest at Rutgers

A whole bunch of interesting videos can be seen at Challah Hu Akbar about Jews protesting an anti-Israel event at Rutgers University that was to compare Israel to the Nazis. The Jews, many of them religious, wanted to enter, but they were being forced to pay to enter even though the event was advertised as "Free and open to the public".  They also barred students who wore Kippahs from attending the event.  World Net Daily has an article about it.

Hat tip: Elder of Ziyon


At Sun Jan 30, 03:49:00 PM 2011, Anonymous Moussa said...

The Ishmaelim are about to get a taste of their own medicine. First Tunisia, and now Egypt, Ha-shem is tearing apart their countries one by one. Who is next in line? Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen, Mahmoud Abbas, or Iran. Their luck has run out.
Ha-shem has passed his judgement. Now it's time for the arabs to pay the piper for all the suffering they have cause us. Just be patient, I have a feeling we ain't seen nothing yet.


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