Monday, January 24, 2011

"Friends Don't Spy on Friends" - Yeah, Right

"Friends Don't Spy on Friends"

How many times have we heard that in regard to Jonathan Pollard?

Wikileaks just came out with revelations that Bush and Condy wanted to know a lot of info about Israel - including personal information of Israeli leaders.

There was a huge push for President Bush to commute Pollard's sentence at the end of his term in office 2 years ago. Unfortunately, this was unsuccessful.

I wonder if the basis of Bush's silent refusal was to have some leverage in case Israel catches one of their spies. They would be able to do a spy trade like President Obama later did with the Russians. I hope this is not keeping President Obama from a commutation coming from him. There is significant pressure now to do so, but if this spy program is still going on (of which there is no proof to the contrary), Obama may want this extra card up his sleeve while a Jew rots in prison.

Hashem Ya'azor.

At least now armed with this information, we can call his bluff.


At Mon Jan 24, 06:51:00 PM 2011, Blogger Moriah said...

No, I don't miss him yet. And haven't since his active involvement in, and support for throwing Jews out of their homes in Gush Katif..

At Tue Jan 25, 12:13:00 AM 2011, Anonymous Buzzid said...

I am not surprised at all. George Bush and Condoleeza Rice were great anti-semites. They were the ones who put the Hamas in our backyards. Maybe we should help Al Qaeda settle in Texas, and watch as they launch missiles into the United States.
As for American spies, the US embassy in Tel Aviv is probably full of them.
This just goes to show that Esav hates Yaakov no matter what.

At Tue Jan 25, 02:18:00 AM 2011, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

I would get out of that cesspool that is over there if I could right now. It is far from perfect here in EY, but in the end the focus of the ge'ulah will be here not there. If Pollard dies in prison (chas v'shalom) in America, since his fate is tied to the coming of Mashiach ben Yosef, the punishment on America will come swiftly. Rav Mordechai Eliyahu said that his suffering was the tikkun for selling Yosef. When that tikkun is complete, he will either be freed or will G-d forbid. Pollard is not well now and is deteriorating. Time is almost up. Until then, buy silver and daven for Yehonatan. The demasking of MBY is tied to silver.

At Tue Jan 25, 07:55:00 AM 2011, Blogger Neshama said...

"Yonatan ben Malka"

Hasn't the "trouble" begun already, unusual weather patterns, freezing temps, huge piles of snow, water main break flooding near DC; Rahm thrown off ballot (midda kneged midda). Jusy getting started, but there must be more...

At Tue Jan 25, 01:47:00 PM 2011, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Pollard is in his 26th year in prison. If it were Gog Bush Jr. with his pig's feet exposed now, Pollard would probably go free with these exposures of the Truth. But now America has Paro in charge. He may be more difficult to convince.

I like how all these leaks, whether it is Wikileaks or Al Jazeira leaks, are exposing the underbelly of the Truth behind the lies. There are no more diplomatic secrets that can be used to hurt good people. All of a sudden this year of all years the inner truth of things is being exposed for all the world to see. The P'nimiut is now the Chitzoni'ut. This is why one cannot prognosticate into the future without giving a range of possibilities. Who could have predicted Wikileaks, Al Jazeira Leaks, and even the Stuxnet virus delaying Iran's nuclear program for Heaven knows how long? By the way as far as Al Jazeirah leaks is concerned, keep in mind that while Esau is kosher on the outside and a liar on the inside, Yishmael is like the camel which is kosher on the inside and a liar on his exposed side. This would mean that it is far easier to see through Yishmael's lies than Esau's lies. Also, Yishmael lies to keep his internecine hatreds in check by externalizing them against the outside world. This is Jihad from (Yichud). Internally he has Din and Chessed but no Rachamim. Din and Chessed keep his society in check and prevent it from collapsing internally from internecine violence. On the other hand, Esau lies to promote his own towering arrogance, accepting G-d's help to build Olam HaZeh alone, but does very little good simply because it is the right thing to do and does nothing good that would conflict with his society's prosperity. As a matter of fact, for prosperity's sake he does a lot of evil. For his World to Come there is no Din just Rachamim. Therefore since that world, as he believes, has been signed, sealed, and delivered to him through Rachamim alone, he only has to employ Din, Chessed, and Rachamim to build prosperity in this world. Yishmael only serves G-d to the 30th level of purity just before Chessed and Din fuse into Rachamim, and Esau only serves G-d to have a chazakah on the Mon (prosperity) at the 33rd level of purity. Both are built upon lies, and it is those lies which are now being dismantled without firing a shot, right after Tu B'Shvat too. Now only if we could get our act together....different story.

At Tue Jan 25, 01:57:00 PM 2011, Anonymous Aboucassis said...

The Arab world is on the brink of collapse. In the past few weeks we have seen demonstrations in Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, and Lebanon. And with these new leaks, the West Bank is pretty unstable now. All we need now is for someone to light a small match and all these Arab regimes would come crumbling down like a house of cards.
This could be the break we have been looking for.

At Wed Jan 26, 05:06:00 AM 2011, Blogger Neshama said...

On this thought, "Din and Chessed keep his society in check and prevent it from collapsing internally from internecine violence." : I would dare say that what we are witnessing all over the pages of the jpost is exactly that - internecine violence erupting across the Arab/Muslim world.

They began as disparate tribes fighting one another, and now are doing the same, albeit 'for freedom' from their rulers.

Might this pretell their spark of violence flaring up before it is extinguished!?

At Wed Jan 26, 06:35:00 PM 2011, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

From Sefer Medrash Eliyahu (at the End of Days): "And a wind from the L-rd lifted me (Eliyahu) up and trasnported me to the southern part of the world, and I saw there a high place burning with fire where no creature was able to enter." The fire is uncontrollable rage. The high place is Yishmael's avodah to G-d. I just can't believe that we are witnessing this now.

By the way, I would call the foreign residents of Yehudah and Shomron by the name that the Targum Yonatan uses: Ammon and Moav who crossed over the Jordan from their native lands to live in EY. Also the "residents of the Maishrah (marsh plain)" which is Gaza are primarily from Egypt as Masri is the most common last name in Gaza. But they all are under Yishmael's Sar.


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