Friday, August 12, 2011

Kina for Baba Elazar

Sorry I'm so late on this.

A Kina was composed by Chief Rabbi Shelomo Moshe Amar Shlit"a for Ribbi Elazar Abuhatzeira ZT"L.

It was actually read on Tish'a Be'av in at least one location.

More on this here and here.

Attached to the Kina is a letter from Rav Amar outlining the significance of the tragedy.  He then concluded by imploring us to be Mevater one to another, to break our hearts before G-d with humility, to get rid of jealousy and hatred, to distance ourselves from both man-to-G-d and man-to-man sins, to increase love and respect one to another, and to increase our Torah learning for the sake of Heaven.

The end of the Kina also includes phrases telling us to improve our character traits.

May we heed his words.


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