Thursday, February 23, 2012

7-Year Blogiversary

I cannot believe that I wasted spent 7 years of my life on this blog!  I enter my own personal Motza'ei Shevi'it year on Yeranen Yaakov, and hope to continue עד ביאת גואל צדק and beyond.

This is a call for anyone who wants to make a comment, suggestion, complaint, rant, compliment, etc. in the comments about the blog in general.  Whether you like it or hate it or just want to say hello, I'd love to hear from you.

Thank you and be happy!

משנכנס אדר מרבים בשמחה!


At Thu Feb 23, 05:53:00 PM 2012, Blogger Leah said...

Thank you very much for your blog. Yasher Koach and may you have continued success in your endeavor to reach out with torah to yidden. I especially appreciate that that you quote your sources and htat those spurces are Gedolei Israel and other varified sources.

At Thu Feb 23, 05:58:00 PM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Leah literally took the words out of my mouth! Thank you for your posts and please keep writing.

Yashar Koach!

At Thu Feb 23, 05:59:00 PM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, baruch HaShem your blog and a couple others helped wean me off watching movies as i didn't want to hold a book when tired and this was so interesting and helped to break my habit. (am still trying!) - and really got me interested in current events. thanks for your time and patience.

At Thu Feb 23, 06:08:00 PM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the blog but what I hate is the date setting which is very negative.

At Thu Feb 23, 07:20:00 PM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

your posts kept giving me positive
encouragement during my bed ridden illness that I am,thank G-d,
healthy I still look forward to your posts especially anything related to Mashiach.

Chodesh Tov


At Thu Feb 23, 07:53:00 PM 2012, Blogger Joe said...

Yashar Koach Yaak,

I am an avid reader of your blog even though I do not comment, so after 7 years there is always a first time.

Baruch HaShem that he gives you the inspiration to keep us all on our toes.

Keep up your labour of is extremely contagious.


At Thu Feb 23, 08:03:00 PM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Baruch HaShem for your posting! All need to hear and learn from it. Thank you for your hours of time invested... may they be rewarded abundantly by HaKadosh Boruch Hu.

At Thu Feb 23, 08:19:00 PM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

G-d bless you and thank you. if only you knew from which corners of the earth your blog has reached and given strenth, you will truly be overjoyed.

At Thu Feb 23, 09:23:00 PM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Yeranen

Great blog!
Don't stop.

Shabbat shalom
Sarah Bar Leib

At Thu Feb 23, 09:41:00 PM 2012, Blogger Devorah said...

Thanks so much for your blog. May you continue to inspire and may we see Mashiach bimhera beyamenu.

At Thu Feb 23, 10:29:00 PM 2012, Blogger Neil Harris said...

Mazel Tov. Keep it up and rest assured, people are reading!

At Thu Feb 23, 11:59:00 PM 2012, Blogger Devash said...


At Fri Feb 24, 12:16:00 AM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am new to the blog .
It is great.
Only thing is the Geula updates are often long and confusing and make zero sense to a non Torah scholar.

At Fri Feb 24, 03:42:00 AM 2012, Blogger Gibbo said...

Hey Yaranen a big thank you from Gibraltar. Been with you all the way and hope to stay till Mashiach comes, in which case we shall meet in Yerushalayim. Hazak U Baruch!! Shabbat Shalom and chodesh tov!

At Fri Feb 24, 05:28:00 AM 2012, Blogger Tidbits of Torah said...

Not wasted....not spent but instead invested

You invested 7 years of spreading Torah. Yasher Koach.

At Fri Feb 24, 09:22:00 AM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Positive comments:
This blog is a great gateway to other Geula sites. Continue those "interesting" links.

Suggestions for improvement:
Lets focus on the goal, which is to assist achieiving the goals of the Boreh Olam.
Rather than emphasizing how what is happening was foretold (or "predicted"), lets change
ourselves. Our world will change when we change ourselves. Please provide detailed
instructions on how we can change. General slogans like:
Stop the loshon hora,learn more, daven better, more chesed, give the benefit
of the doubt,etc. do not seem to be working. We are in a Matzav of Sakana,
Pikuach Nefesh. Emergency measures are required. What are they? Blogging is not the answer,
but maybe it can lead us to the answers. Aseh lecha Rav. Hatzlacha raba.

At Fri Feb 24, 01:04:00 PM 2012, Blogger yaak said...

I thank you all for your overwhelmingly positive comments. I appreciate those who have made suggestions. I am truly honored to have such great readers.

Shabbat Shalom.

At Fri Feb 24, 03:01:00 PM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From a reader in Phoenix, AZ. I look forward to reading your posts every day, although sometimes I disappointed (when you don't post every day). Then you overwhelm with so much information, my patience is rewarded. Thank you very much for all your research and for the English translations. I, too, appreciate your cites. Although I'm not one to read the original, I'm happy to know this all comes from Kosher sources. You are doing a wonderful service for so many people - in many places. Thank you.

At Sat Feb 25, 11:56:00 AM 2012, Anonymous dr said...

I love your BLOG

At Sat Feb 25, 04:29:00 PM 2012, Anonymous elisheva said...

Mazal Tov and B'H" that will always provide you with time and will to keep writing. I follow your blog and want to thank you for your time shared with us and your work. TODA!

At Sat Feb 25, 11:18:00 PM 2012, Blogger Nachman said...

Mazel Tov!! Love your blog, keep up the great work!!

At Sun Feb 26, 02:19:00 PM 2012, Blogger Neshama said...

Mazal Tov, Yaak. Your blog is the greatest. Keep inspiring us, we really do appreciate all the work and effort you put into every post. Somehow, all of us together, feels like a blog family :-)

At Mon Feb 27, 05:36:00 PM 2012, Anonymous shaya g said...

what could I possibly say yaak, other than mazal tov and I hope your aishes chayil isn't too upset that you're still posting! :P post till that bookcase comes back - stand your ground!!!



At Tue Feb 28, 10:57:00 AM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yasher koah Yaak. Munchos anyos!



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